Web solutions involves defining a target market and objectives for information development and use.

Web solutions specialists analyse the technical construction of the web and evaluate information consistency plus verify correctness of domain information. In the design process, web solutions specialists organise the information into page sized chunks. The pages are connected to give the site a consistent and chosen look and feel.

The implementation stage for web solutions specialists makes use of HTML tools. Web solutions specialists use implementation to create an extendible directory and file structure for the web site. The promotions step for web solutions specialists relates to public relations and communication. This includes communicating with the general and virtual public to promote the website as well as monitoring the site's environments. The promotions aspect of web solutions includes using specific marketing strategies and business models.

Innovation for web solutions is the stage where the previous five steps continue to improve. It is the last step in the process that completes the stages to form a continuous cycle.

Web solutions is a billion dollar industry that is fast overtaking the traditional means of marketing. The reasons for this are simple. The first is that the number of internet users is growing everyday.The second is that consumers are spending more time and money shopping web. Fears have been allayed regarding the safety of web shopping. Web solutions have been successful in convincing the public that web consumerism is safe.

Web solutions have become a preferred means of communication for many businesses, all differing in size and industry. The American film industry has spent billions of dollars on web solutions, making it an integral part of their marketing campaigns.

Web solutions is a feature utilised by every industry in Australia. As the need for websites grow with internet demand, the need for web marketing to become more precise is crucial. Web marketing employs different techniques to those of traditional marketing. Web solutions must not only appeal to consumers but also generate web site hits through the clever use of copy.